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Special Programs for Agriculture

BLC has been "partners in agriculture" since our founder began working with the farming industry in 1984. Based in Berks County, PA, we are in the heart of a regional farming community. Although local, we provide equipment finance services throughout the United States. We understand the unique needs of the agriculture community and we bring finance products to the table that will help you grow and succeed in your operation.

BLC offers extended terms and higher residuals on new agriculture equipment. Terms can be as long as 7 years on equipment.

In addition to your field equipment needs,  we can assist with vehicles, farm buildings, silo structures, grain bins, barn equipment, milking parlor equipment and poultry house equipment.

If you need it, we provide a cost effective way to buy it!

BLC provides seasonal payment structure through our Harvest Plan programs. We also offer, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and irregular payment options.

Trade-ins can be used as upfront payments and help to defer your next payment for up to 12 months.

If you want to work with a finance company that brings more to the table and clearly understands the unique needs of your business, BLC is what you are looking for!

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